Top 3 weight loss tips for men

Shedding some pounds is necessary for men. Having an Impotence or erection issue is something that affects the sexual life of men. One of the reasons behind having erectile dysfunction is obesity and shedding pounds is something that helps men to improve erection issues. Though men can order Generic Viagra and get the Impotence treated, there are some tips such as losing weight that works in your favor. 

Cutting down on carbs

One of the best thing that works for your body is cutting down the carbs. The sugar and starches or carbohydrates are the one that increases your want to eat them more. Cutting down this food can help your hunger levels to go down and you only consume sufficient calories. Now, as the intake of calories is reduced, your body starts to use the stored fats in your body to produce energy. There are various benefits that can occur only by cutting down the carbs and one of them is it lowers the insulin level. The low insulin level in the body helps the kidney to shed the excess sodium and water and this helps to exclude the bloating and unnecessary water in the body.

Some dietitians observed, the people shed at least 10 pounds during the initial week of excluding or lowering the carbs from the diet. While some had a positive impact by only lowering the carbs from the diet for short-term weight loss. The consumption of low carb helps to reduce the appetite and also you feel full all the time. 

Lift weight at least thrice a week

Shedding some pounds is not possible unless you practice some physical activities. Hence, lifting weight or practicing some sort of physical activities can help men to maintain good health. Shedding weight has various benefits, it improves your metabolism and burns calories. 

Giving up on carbs helps you gain muscle and lose a significant amount of body fat. If you’re a gym person, try weight lifting 4 times a week and if you’re new to the gym seek advice from a health care provider. If lifting weight is not a cup of tea for you then start with cardio workouts such as walking, cycling, and other activities. 

Intake proteins, vegetables, and fats

It is necessary that you mustn't exclude carbs completely from your body. Instead, include protein, low carb, and fat sources. Simply add two or three meals and construct it in such a way that your intake is only up to 25-50gms per day.


Consume as much as protein you can, consuming protein help to increase the calories. A high protein diet helps to control your appetite and reduces your carving for anything. Also, the desire to eat or munch late-night reduces and this helps you shed some extra pounds. 

Low carb veggies

You need to exclude carbs, but not all. You can just add low carb food to your diet and this helps your body get the required amount of minerals, vitamin fiber that is necessary for your body. 

Don’t forget to add fats

Fats are necessary for your body, ensure that the low fat and low carb are included in your diet. You can add olive oil, coconut oil, and butter to your diet.

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