Prescription Policy doesn’t intend or trade with any of the non-prescribed medicine. You will find the drugs scheduled on our site agreed by the doctor. We sell the products under proper recommendation. Furthermore, we not closely covenant in offering any type of healthcare direction. Actually, we have the expert & knowledgeable person with us where they take care of the genuine orders. You will rarely get suffer with any kind of negative impact. In such case you will have to take assistance of the doctor. Buyers are recommended to cram the tablets entirely & take under doctor’s direction or supervision. 
Some of the scheduled things on this site don’t wish into any legal issues.

  • ?    The Allergies that occurs by practice of actual medications.
  • ?    Medications that put forth with considering to unauthenticated doctor prescription, which vague the actual healthcare matter. 
  • ?    If, certain undesired impacts taken place with the medication we are not accountable for it. It has been notices that in many of the cases people exercise the tablet imperfectly or excessively. 
  • ?    Any unfamiliar medical complications may result with harmful side-effect.
  • ?    Taking tablets in excessive amount & if you get suffer with any kind of austere side-effects we are not answerable for it.

Note – please pursue the proper instruction & course of the medicine prior practicing it. We give surety that you will get a precise & responding pill. We have all the prescribed medications approved by FDA, where no one has to dither about anything allied with the medicine.