Refund Policy

The refund policy is unerringly implicated in the juncture where the order is not placed properly or at specific stage, we are indictable to recompense. Here, on the site you will find the extreme satisfaction that this situation shouldn’t be ensue. We maintain intense watch on every single order. We wish to bestow 100% gratification to the buyers. But, by evasion in some of the matters the customer responsible to get refund policy:

  •    If, the drugs have been distributed in dented form
  •    If, drug fall short to convey on the meticulous period of time.
  •    If, in case you got the erroneous medicine delivered
  •    If, the required medicine you will get incorrectly reached.

Note:-The shipping done between U.S to U.S there would be no refund or cessation policy levied.