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Modafinil is a substance that reduces extreme sleepiness that occurs due to narcolepsy and other sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. This helps in allowing the person to stay awake for a longer period of time and is also helpful in allowing to stay awake during shift work hours. This drug does not cure sleep disorders and this will very rarely help to get rid of the sleep disorders. You can buy modafinil online if you are suffering from any of this problem.

This modafinil pill should not be substituted to take enough sleep. This medication should not be used to treat any kind of tiredness and hold off the sleep. Though the actual work of the modafinil is not known but still this works to bring a change in the sleep disorder.

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The dosage pattern of this drug

This drug is taken for narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and to treat sleep disorder.

When taken for treating the problem of narcolepsy, this medication should be taken orally which can be taken with or without food as directed by the doctor. This can also be taken daily in the morning as a single dose or can be divided into 2 doses which are supposed to be taken one in the morning and the other in the noon time.

In case of obstructive sleep apnea, it can be taken with or without food both as directed by your doctor and the directed dose is normally once daily in the morning. You can continue taking other medication like CPAP machine, mouth device unless the doctor tells to stop.

In case of shift work sleep disorder, this has to be taken with or without food as per the direction of the doctor and needs to be taken one hour before the start of the shift work.

The strength of the dosage depends upon the medical condition and response of the user to the treatment. Normally this medication is directed to be taken regularly in order to get benefits from the treatment.

If you suddenly stop taking this medication you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as you can suffer from the problem of shaking, chills, nausea, confusion, or may suffer from vomiting. To avoid the problem of withdrawal your doctor may advise you to slowly decrease the dose and then to stop taking the medication.

What are the precautions of taking this drug?

This medication is not recommended to be taken for a long time as it does not work well in this case.

This medication helps a lot of people but this medication may have a problem with addiction. The risk may be higher if the person suffers from the substance use disorder. If the person had suffered from any drug abuse or alcohol abuse or anyone in the family had suffered from this abuse then it should be informed to the doctor.

Those who are taking modafinil should make it sure that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the modafinil. You should buy online modafinil only after you feel that you are not hypersensitive to any of the ingredients in the drug. You need to tell the doctor about your allergies. There are also inactive ingredients present in this drug so you need to caution about the allergy towards this medication also.

You need to tell your doctor if you are suffering from heart problems such as enlarged heart, mitral valve, chest pain, heart attack, or irregular heartbeat. You need to tell your doctor if you are suffering from any heart problems after taking any stimulant drugs, such as amphetamines, and the problem of a heartbeat, high blood pressure, liver problem, mental/mood disorder that include depression, mania, and psychosis.

Those who are taking this medication may suffer from the problem of a headache, nausea, nervousness, dizziness, or difficulty in sleeping. It needs to be promptly informed by the doctor if the condition worsens or is persistent.

It is necessary to inform the doctor regarding any of the past illness that you may have suffered from like irregular heartbeat, agitation, confusion, and trouble in breathing, and the problem of swollen lymph nodes, rash, fever, or any problem of itching and swelling.

Modafinil is an effective ingredient that helps you to stay awake and do things quickly that requires quick reactions that include driving. The drug may also make you dizzier so it should be avoided to take this drug with marijuana. You should not take this with marijuana as this can make you too dizzy.

You need to inform your doctor if you are taking this medication before having any surgery or taking any medication as this drug may react with the medication and either of them may stop working.

What are the side-effects that one can face?

You can face problem-related to nausea, headache, nervousness, dizziness or difficulty in sleeping. You need to tell the doctor that you are suffering from the problem of fast heartbeat, mental or mood changes, such as agitation or can also have the severe dizziness, or trouble breathing.  You can also suffer from the allergic reaction that includes fever, swollen lymph nodes, itching and swelling, severe dizziness and trouble breathing.

What are the interactions of this drug?

This drug may react with other medications that can react with the risk of serious side-effects so this is necessary that you need to tell the doctor that you are suffering from this problem and you should also make sure that you keep a list of all the medication you are taking whether medicated or non-medicated. This medication should also be discussed with the doctor if you are taking any birth control medication as this will interrupt in the process of stopping unwanted pregnancy and you should make sure that you talk to the doctor and take some other ways of stopping birth control. Before you buy modafinil online you should check with the doctor if this will suit you or not?

This modafinil drug may speed up the rate of heartbeat and can also increase your heart beat so you need to tell the doctor if you are suffering from this problem previously

You are not supposed to take this medication with caffeine or chocolate or eat a large amount of chocolates with this medication. You should also not take any non-prescription product that contains caffeine.

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