Can a person get dependent on Zopiclone?

Insomnia does have an effect on the sleep of a person and it becomes necessary that one does seek a treatment to get the disorder treated. People having insomnia need to know that the use of the remedy help to treat the disorder, but you need to ensure that you do try some natural tricks and tips and treat the disorder. 


This is a hypnosedative remedy used to treat insomnia at home corners. This remedy belongs to the benzodiazepine drug group and helps you treat insomnia in an effective manner. Though people have less chance of having a dependency on this remedy, using only the prescribed amount is suggested. 

The function of the tablet

A person, having insomnia needs to know that the use of this sleeping tablet should be done as mentioned. The person having insomnia can get relieved from the sleeping issue after using this remedy. The GABA present in this remedy relaxes the brain, and as soon as cooling effects are experienced by the brain, it takes less time that helps you fall asleep. This is nothing magical, it just controls your central nervous system and works on the brain to help you fall asleep soon. 

Is it possible that a person becomes dependent on this sleeping remedy?

There are fewer cases, but yes, a person using Zopiclone is likely to experience dependence on the tablet if used for a longer period. People who used this tablet for a longer period without consulting health care providers are likely to depend on this tablet. Also, some people get addicted that they do find it difficult to fall asleep if the tablets are not consumed. 

Dosage and use need to be tapered

The available doses that can be used by the patient having insomnia can use 3.5mg and 7.5mg dose that helps to treat the disorder. The minimum dose is prescribed to the senior adults so that they do not have to worry much about the addiction or any other withdrawal effect. The use should be restricted to 3-4 weeks that too under the supervision of health care providers. 

Using doses without a doctor’s consent can risk your life. 

Previous substance abuse

There are people who are guided to completely avoid the use of Zopiclone. The people excluded to use include people having an addiction to drugs, substance abuse, or people with a head injury. A group of such patients is likely to experience substance abuse which can worsen the condition instead of improving. 


  • People guided to use Zopiclone online need to restrict the use of other remedies, especially anti-depressant tablets. 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol as it interacts with sleeping tablets and results in side effects. 
  • Do use the remedy only for 4 weeks and further alteration can be done only under the supervision of the health care provider. 
  • Dizziness takes a toll and hence, performing any activity that requires alertness should be avoided.
  • Avoid indulging in activities such as driving as it might lead to an accident due to dizziness. 
  • Do not alter the doses unless it is prescribed to you.

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